Frankenstein monster

Frankenstein, the classic 1931 Universal film starring Boris Karloff as the monster, is the perfect film to watch on Halloween.

The all time great horror film is directed by James Whale and produced by Carl Laemmle, and stars Karloff as the monster, Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein, Mae Clarke as Elizabeth, John Boles as Victor Moritz, Edward Van Sloan as Dr. Waldman, Frederick Kerr as Baron Frankenstein, Dwight Frye as Fritz and Lionel Belmore as the Burgomeister. The screenplay was written by Garrett Fort and Francis Edward Faragoh based on the play by John L. Balderston who based his play on the novel by Mary Shelley. The great Jack P. Pierce did the makeup and John P. Fulton did the special effects. Frankenstein should be in everyone’s classic horror film collection.